Choosing the best outdoor fridge

There are again many manufacturers of the outdoor fridge, these fridges tend to be more expensive than the regular indoor…

There are again many manufacturers of the outdoor fridge, these fridges tend to be more expensive than the regular indoor fridge as they need to withstand all weather conditions.

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Most are glass fronted and can be bought as a single or a double fridge. The single fridge will fit in a 600mm opening and the double will need around a 900mm opening.

What outdoor fridge choices are available?

There is only one type of outdoor kitchen refrigerator available in the UK. They are fairly expensive compared to a fridge that works inside. The reason for this price difference is the insulation and protection against water and vermin.


Most outdoor kitchens come in two sizes, single door refrigerators about 550mm wide and double door refrigerators about 850mm wide. The doors are normally made of glass and come with internal lighting.


When choosing your fridge it is very important to understand how much sun the fridge will get. If the fridge will be in direct sunlight this will drastically reduce its efficiency of the fridge so where possible try to keep it on the shaded side of the kitchen. If that is not an option for your then you may need to consider a higher-cost appliance that can cope with direct sunlight. 

Beefeater Outdoor Fridges

Beefeater produces a fridge which is the cheapest option but will suffer in high temperatures if in full sun.


We are a main dealer for Bull outdoor kitchen products.

The glass-fronted fridge

This Premium Outdoor Fridge with a glass door will keep your beverages and food cool in the Summer. It has a built-in internal digital control panel, an easy way to monitor the fridge’s temperature. 

This is the premium solid door outdoor fridge and will perform better if in direct sunlight.

This pull-out drawer fridge is another one in the Bull range.

The kegerator outdoor rated.

An outdoor kitchen for beer lovers is simply not complete without a draft beer system. With the BULL Outdoor Rated Kegerator, you can take your pouring power to the great outdoors.

Blastcool Outdoor Fridges

The Blastcool fridge range will work in all weather but is a higher-cost option. The Blastcool fridge comes with lots of options including solid metal doors. The fridge needs a ventilation gap around it to see manufacturer instructions for details. All about outdoor living can help with your ideal fridge choice and your dream outdoor kitchen. Take a look at our Outdoor Kitchens & Bars.

There are many brands to choose from when thinking about a fridge for your outdoor kitchen. The price can vary between the brands and some are known to perform better when in the direct sunlight.

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