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How To Build A Custom Outdoor BBQ Area

By incorporating mouthwatering meals into an outdoor BBQ area, you can use your back garden as a focal point. You may…

By incorporating mouthwatering meals into an outdoor BBQ area, you can use your back garden as a focal point. You may arrange your back garden so that it serves as more than just a haven of peace and quiet. There are also recipes for grilled bacon and camp-style smoked vegetables that you may indulge in within our recipes section. Putting together a few appliances, fixtures, and accent pieces may make setting up a BBQ area in your back garden quite simple. An outdoor BBQ area will serve you diligently for many seasons with little care once it is set up.

Your garden should be considered an extension of your house, much like the interior. Consider building an outdoor kitchen as a brilliant method to integrate your garden with your inside living area. You can cook outside all year long with the help of an outdoor kitchen, which will give you a more luxurious party area. Regardless of how large or tiny your outdoor kitchen will be, pick materials that will survive the harsh British weather all year long.

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What to consider before building your outdoor kitchen area

Before you launch into creating your outdoor BBQ space, there are a few things to consider.

1. Setting the Stage for Your Outdoor BBQ Plans

Have you chosen where to put the BBQ area? Patios, pergolas, verandas, and decks make excellent starting points for setting up your BBQ area quickly. if you are creating a brand-new BBQ deck from scratch. You must pave a small part of your courtyard before constructing the concrete foundation for the new BBQ area. The space should ideally be large enough to fit some furniture, seats, and possibly a dining table.

However, keep in mind that you must choose a location far enough from your doors and windows to avoid the barbecue smoke from entering your home. Not too far from the house should be the location. As a result, walking between the area and the house won’t take very long. It’s also a good idea to select flooring that can withstand harsh weather and high foot activity.

2. Begin with the deck

The next step in creating a barbeque area from scratch is to construct the deck after selecting and paving the location. You might approach this in one of two ways: construct a deck that is unique to you from the ground up, or merely put together a prefabricated building on the spot. You must decide on a number of project-related issues if you want a personalised deck. from the roofing to the roofing materials to the safety checks, etc. Therefore, it’s usually advised to seek professional aid while constructing a unique BBQ deck.

3. What are Your Ideas for Outdoor BBQ?

Alternatively, you might choose a BBQ area that has been manufactured, such as Bull Grills. Our Pergolas are available all season long and can shield your outdoor grills and other equipment from the weather. They have rust- and UV-resistant powder-coated aluminum frames and galvanized steel roofing as standard equipment.

4. Prepare Your Grilling Area

If you want a BBQ that you can quickly move in and out of storage to make extra space in your garden as needed, you can choose a trolley BBQ. You can choose coal-burning kettle BBQs if you’re on a tight budget. A hibachi grill can be your best choice if you’re short on space.

When selecting an outside BBQ spot, you should also think about what you’d like to cook and how many people you’ll be feeding. To make the area more practical, you can also add additional standard kitchen fixtures and appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, and sink. Making facilities for storage with furniture like benches, cabinets, and utensil holders may also be a good idea.

5. Spruce up the Place

The exciting thing now is that you can experiment with different features and design components to make your outdoor party more lively!

However, take care to minimise clutter. Instead of employing two distinct objects, consider using multipurpose items. By selecting items made of weather-resistant materials like plastic, polyethylene, fiberglass, etc., you can further ensure that these characteristics are well-protected from the elements. Good lighting is essential to extending the party far past dusk.

Can I build my own outdoor kitchen?

You can construct an outdoor kitchen, but keep in mind that it will require more than just a dining table and a few seats. It will take planning to make sure your outdoor kitchen works for you when it comes to construction. So that you can spend time with your guests instead of dashing back inside for plates, beverages, or condiments, the outdoor kitchen should enable you to both prepare and cook meals.

The greatest location for an outdoor kitchen when deciding how to construct one is on the decking, which enables you to connect the kitchen with an outside dining area or outdoor living room.

Naturally, creating a budget is a wise and necessary thing to do. However, projects frequently go over their allotted funds, so try not to be too conservative with the first pricing you have in mind, or you risk being dissatisfied! Additionally, it’s a good idea to be realistic about the costs because there are occasions when investing a little more will result in a high-quality, secure outcome.

How do I build an outdoor kitchen on a budget?

Buy your materials in bulk if you want to keep the cost of installing your outdoor kitchen low. This is a fantastic method to cut costs while still receiving high-quality materials that will last a long time. Additionally, now is the perfect time to exploit your relationships and enlist the assistance of that friend of a friend who is a builder and will provide you with a sneaky bargain. Better still, try your hand at as much DIY as you can to cut down on labour expenses.

When purchasing equipment and supplies for your outdoor kitchen, keep an eye out for deals, rebates, and vouchers. As spring approaches, there will be a tonne of sales appearing as people prepare their outside spaces for the summer. Always take the time to check costs from several merchants in order to locate the finest offers.

Consider employing less expensive options like concrete countertops or tiles as a substitute for pricey materials like granite. Because porcelain tiles are so adaptable and most of them are frost resistant, they are ideal for outdoor spaces.

Choose a minimalist and streamlined design rather to one that is overly complex because this can increase costs because more appliances and materials are required. Visit thrift stores and charity shops to get affordable appliances for your new outdoor cooking setup. Additionally, think about upcycling used objects like wooden tables and chairs or old sinks to make one-of-a-kind kitchen accessories.

Makes And Models And Buying The Right Tool For The Job

Choosing the right cooking appliances to fit into your new outdoor kitchen can be slightly daunting. We at All About Outdoor Living have direct access to all of the major and smaller manufacturer’s kits, we can supply many makes and models:

To name a few. Let us guide you through the process and listen to how you want to cook, we will provide you with several options giving you the confidence that you are buying the right tool for the job. 

Let’s Get Cooking!

How to build a simple outdoor kitchen area

Make a strategy that allows you enough room for preparation and cooking. If you have a small amount of space available, choose an integrated U-shaped design or place your outdoor kitchen along just one wall. Don’t forget to think about where the sun sets and where the nicest views are in your garden. If at all feasible, situate your outdoor kitchen away from the wind and away from direct sunlight.

Consider your usage while deciding how to create an outdoor kitchen. Do you want a complete set-up for more complex meals or do you want to use it for summer eating, when the emphasis will be on barbecues and freshly baked pizza? Give yourself enough room to set up a good work surface and preparation area. Just like inside, consider kitchen storage options and designate a spot for cooking utensils.

The material you’ll need

  • Treated external wood (Luke built the structure with 900mm decking spindles)
  • Fence slats or 1 panel of a slatted fence
  • The worktop’s outside wood was treated
  • external screws
  • brackets coated in zinc
  • Tool saw
  • Drill
  • screwdriver, electric
  • Sandpaper or an orbital sander
  • Luke used the gorgeous olive-green colour Nomad from COAT Paints(opens in new tab) for his exterior painting.
  • Belfast washbasin with wood stain, trash and pipes
  • Spray adhesive is available.
  • Instant-grab exterior adhesive

1. Building the sink’s frame

First, create the frame around a Belfast sink. Start by building the supports that will go underneath the washbasin after turning it upside down. The 900mm treated decking spindles that Luke Arthur Wells purchased from Wickes were the ideal height for the outdoor kitchen, but he had to reduce the horizontal pieces to fit.

2. Attach the pieces together

To put the frame together, first, use a spray adhesive mitre glue to bond the components temporarily. Then use outside screws to attach everything after drilling pilot holes. When you realise later on that you cannot attach any more components with screws because of existing screws in the frame, you can use your zinc-plated brackets to unite these pieces of the frame.

3. Add additional horizontal supports to the legs’ joint

After the sink’s two sets of legs are constructed, link them together using additional horizontal supports. For added support, place supports between the tops and bottoms of the legs.

4. Add more horizontal supports

To complete the washbasin unit, add horizontal supports at the front and back base. Create two additional legs with the same dimensions as the two vertical components on either side of side to begin extending the kitchen unit base.

5. Incorporate brackets under the washbasin supports and join the legs

To create the washbasin unit, join these using horizontal pieces. You’ll most likely need to use the brackets now because the screws have already been installed. Since the washbasin supports are the heaviest component, use this chance to install brackets underneath them as well.

6. Paint the frame

The frame should now be painted to make it simpler to assemble the slats.

7. Old fence panel slats should be removed and reduced to size

The next step is to use a crowbar to remove the fence panel from the frame if you’re using one. Remove any last pins or nails using a hammer. Reduce the size of them.

Measure the area under the sink as well. You’ll need 900mm ones on either side of the sink. It’s okay if they are imperfect, but it is preferable to be longer than shorter.

8. Paint the slats

Before you install the slats, apply the first coat of external paint to them.

9. Space the slats out neatly

Use a slat rotated sideways to generate a consistent gap in order to determine the distance between the slats. Use an external adhesive with an instant grip before attaching the slats to the frame.

Choose one that will dry in between 10 and 15 minutes so you have time to make any necessary adjustments before they stick. When sticking, make sure they are all straight at the top of the frame. Once dried, you can secure it with a few nails. Use external filler to cover the nail holes, sand the surface, then paint the result for a professional appearance.

10. Fix crooked slats

At this stage, you can use a multi-tool to make a bottom cut along the slats’ edges if they appear to be uneven.

11. Add plastic feet

If feasible, add a few little plastic feet to the frame to lift it off the ground and prevent the lumber from coming into touch with standing water.

12. Attach it to the wall

It’s time to attach the frame to the wall now that you have it. Use long masonry screws and wide brackets if possible.

13. Create the wooden worktop and attach it

Cut some thick outside treated wood to the size of your units on either side of the sink with a small overlap to create the worktop. To smooth the edges, sand them.

Apply an external wood stain to these surfaces before adhering to your quick grip adhesive. To hold the wood in place, you can also fasten some tiny zinc-plated plates to the underside of the wood.

To further integrate your outdoor kitchen with the rest of your outdoor space, consider landscaping and garden planting. When you’re satisfied with your outdoor kitchen, you may also consider adding some garden bar ideas so that you and your family and friends can mix up some homemade cocktails. You will then have a fully functional entertainment facility that is likely to impress guests. Don’t forget to include any unique elements that express your personality in your outdoor kitchen.

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