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How to choose the right pizza peel

There are a few different types of pizza peels Azzurra pizza peels Evoluzione pizza peels Turning peels Things to consider…

There are a few different types of pizza peels

  • Azzurra pizza peels
  • Evoluzione pizza peels
  • Turning peels

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Things to consider when choosing the right pizza peel

Rectangular, round, perforated, solid, long, or short pizza peels?

Choosing the right pizza peel is serious business, get the wrong one and your pizzas will flop before they’re cooked!  Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an overstatement but given the range of peels available, having a few insights and tips will help you buy the right one.

What is the purpose of a pizza peel?

The purpose of a peel is to transport your pizza from the preparation area to the pizza oven and slide it into position. They come in all shapes and sizes choose the best one that matches the size and shape of your pizzas, also the length of the handle is important and needs to match the depth of your oven.

Do I need a round or rectangular pizza peel?

Round pizza peel

A round peel has an extended grip point and is beveled around the extension of the curve.  This extension enables the pizza to slide from the side of the peel as well as the end and makes it slightly easier to turn the pizza while it cooks.

Rectangular pizza peel

A rectangular peel is a traditionally shaped peel that offers a larger surface area for the pizza to sit on.  It’s milled at the front to promote easy lifting and dispatching.

Do I need a solid or perforated pizza peel?

Solid pizza peel

The solid peel is more robust and rigid, and the perforated peel is lighter and limits the amount of flour or semolina that sits on the bottom of the pizza.

perforated pizza peel

We think the perforated option is better because of the holes and they help the dispatching of the pizza, so the dampest pizzas slide off easily. Therefore less flour is needed burnt flour tastes bitter.

Both essentially do the same job it’s your personal preference.

Turning Peels

The intense heat held within the tiles of the oven floor coupled with searing ambient heat means that the pizza will quickly burn if it’s not rotated regularly. The turning peel is designed to lift half of the pizza and with a dragging motion, the pizza can be turned 90 degrees. Repeat this every 15 to 20 seconds. If the oven floor is super-hot and the pizza topping is not quite cooked through, simply use the turning peel to lift the entire pizza off the floor so the heat cooks just the top.

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