Beefeater 1200s Built In 4 Burner Gas Bbq


Built-in Beefeater 1200S 4-Burner Gas Barbeque

This barbecue has everything you would expect from Australia’s most popular barbecue, including cast iron cooktops that are half grill and half flat plate, as well as a porcelain enamelled roasting hood!

The main section of the BBQ will have a 21.2kW heat output from its 4 cast iron burners.

Every hob has the dependable Quartz Ignition System installed, making it simple to light the barbecue. Included heat reflectors made of stainless steel will improve the flavour of your food, prevent flare-ups, and help distribute heat. A new control panel made of stainless steel makes cleaning simpler.

In addition to being incredibly strong and long-lasting, the stainless steel roasting hood has a convenient viewing window and temperature gauge that allow you to monitor the cooking process of your food without losing internal heat.