Beefeater Clubman Stainless Steel Hotplate Bbq


Beefeater Clubman 4-Burner Gas Barbecue Stainless Steel Hotplate

This amazing, reasonably priced four-burner gas barbecue will produce a lot of heat for a wonderful fire! The design of this BBQ prioritises portability. This BBQ will definitely make waves wherever it goes, whether you are at the beach, throwing an event, or just hanging out in the car with your loved ones. This barbecue is fantastic in and of itself, but when you add mobility, it enters a whole new realm. It has four large wheels that make it incredibly easy to move. Because it takes up very little room, the flat design is also excellent for travel and storage.

The Classic Australian BBQ will give you a taste of that amazing Australian BBQ. This BBQ will satisfy any craving—steak or prawns, burners or bangers!