Beefeater Display Fridge Single Door


The Beefeater Tropicalized Outdoor Single Refrigerator

When planning the layout of your outdoor kitchen, the Beefeater range offers a plethora of options. This amazing single fridge unit has been tested in the most extreme weather conditions and is made of commercial-grade stainless steel with 40mm thick insulation. Its durability has been demonstrated!
Double-glazed glass doors with insulation are an excellent way to get rid of condensation. Since this refrigerator has a fan, frost is never a problem. With an adjustable thermostat, this type of build quality ensures that a constant temperature (between 0 and 10°C) is easily maintained.
Since there is front ventilation, there should be no problem fitting it into cabinets. Lockable doors that automatically close.
This refrigerator will not function as intended unless it is operated in the shade. For more information, see the installation instructions.


84 cm in height
Breadth: 55.5 cm
Depth: 49.5 cm


Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
Lockable: In that case, yes
Yes, shelves that can be adjusted
Four movable feet (10 mm)
Three-year warranty
Net total capacity: 118 litres
The door hinged to the right.