Privacy Screen for 3m Titan Pergola


1 day build time 2-3 people. Price on application.

From £599.00. inc VAT and delivery. Supply only. Available in 3m, 3.6m and 4m wide sections. Supply only.

Introducing the Privacy Screen for the 3m Titan Pergola—a perfect addition to our Titan pergola range designed to enhance your garden area’s privacy and provide added protection against the elements.

This screen, specifically tailored for the 3m Titan pergola, can be easily attached and pulled down, creating a more secluded space, offering shade, or providing protection from the wind to establish a sheltered environment.

While each unit includes one screen, for those seeking an even more private setting, we recommend acquiring multiple screens to enclose the pergola entirely. This is especially ideal for hot tubs, particularly if your garden is overlooked by neighbours.

This accessory is exclusively designed to fit the NOVA Titan, Titan Plus, and Proteus Pergola ranges. For models purchased before 2022, consider the crank handle positioning, which may obstruct fixing walls underneath. For all free-standing pergolas ordered in 2022 and onwards, accessories can be fitted to all sides. However, for wall-mounted pergolas angled away from the supporting wall, accessories can only be installed on the front side of the pergola. Installation may require drilling into the pergola structure, and assistance may be necessary. Note that this accessory is not compatible with the Proteus Lite model.

Crafted from weather-resistant textilene material, this screen can withstand outdoor conditions year-round with minimal maintenance.

The screen is attached to your pergola through an aluminium framework and an aluminium roller, both of which need to be securely drilled into the underside of the pergola and its legs. The attachments are then clipped into these carefully aligned points. Full instructions for this process will be provided with the product. The aluminium framework perfectly matches the color of your pergola, featuring a RAL code of 9016. When you wish to reopen your pergola, simply push the screen back up into the aluminium roller.

Set Includes: 1 x Privacy Screen for 3m Titan Pergola

Product Features:

  • Textilene Screen
  • Aluminium Framework
  • Aluminium Roller
  • Weather Ready Design
  • RAL Code: 9016.