Sizzler Outdoor Kitchen


We are spending more time in the garden this season with our families and friends than we have in previous years. Everyone enjoys a good BBQ, so why not add a Sizzler Outdoor Kitchen to elevate your outdoor dining experience?

We’ve made the ideal dining experience addition, complete with all the features you need to increase your chances of becoming a famous MasterChef!

Sizzler Outdoor Kitchens Features

Multiple Burners

Along with an additional infrared back burner, the Sizzler grill features four primary stainless steel burners. It also features a handy side burner for preparing your preferred vegetable and sauce recipes.

Motorised Rotisserie Spit

Easily prepare a delicious spit-roasted dinner for your family with ease thanks to the integrated motorised stainless steel rotisserie.

Stainless Steel Hood

The Sizzler has a hood made of stainless steel. To achieve the ideal slow-cooked roast, you can control the temperature using the integrated thermometer gauge.

Lockable Fridge

Your favourite drinks disappearing is a thing of the past with the Sizzler’s lockable refrigerator.

Built-in Sink

Each Sizzler has an integrated washbasin to make even cleanup simple.

3 Year Warranty

Sizzler offers a three-year manufacturer warranty on all of their outdoor kitchens.