Whistler Grills Bibury 5 Gas Bbq With Free Cover And Rotisserie

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Whistler Grills Bibury 5 Gas Barbecue with Rotisserie and Free Cover

This gorgeous machine has five cast stainless steel burners and a powerful punch. Since 304 stainless steel is used throughout the Bibury 5, this BBQ will last for many years to come.

The Prime 500’s oven housing is made of 304 stainless steel, all the way down to the handle! The hood is also double-layered with 304 stainless steel!

304 stainless steel even makes up the Flavour Bars and Cooking Grates!

For Whistler Prime 500, quality is the operative word. Stainless steel is used even for the large warming rack and removable drip pan. The best possible grilling machine has been made without cutting any corners.

The Infra-Red High-Powered Side Burner, the Infra-Red Rear Rotisserie Burner with Mains Powered Rotisserie Kit and the crucial Cast Stainless Steel Burners are some of the Bibury 5’s key features. They are not only incredibly durable and distribute heat evenly for years to come. Abolition of the biannual hob replacements. The Fire Torch Ignition System is used to ignite these. To light the burner, this shoots a flame thrower up into the air; once the burner is lit, it extinguishes itself.

It makes sense that Whistler is comfortable offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the Prime 500.

Along with the Heavy-Duty Smoker Box and High-Quality BBQ Cover that come standard with this purchase, this already fantastic BBQ gets even better.

The Whistler Bibury 5 Gas BBQ is not only beautifully crafted, but it also has a pleasing appearance. The Prime 500 can be used after the sun sets thanks to internal halogen lights that shine over the cooking grill and blue LED lights that directly illuminate the control panel, giving it a stylish glow.

In addition to providing plenty of storage, the spacious cupboard door and its two drawers also house the useful paper towel rack.

The Whistler has thick castor wheels installed to facilitate easy mobility.