Whistler Grills Cirencester Modular Sink Cabinet

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Cirencester Modular Washbasin Cabinet by Whistler Grills

You can clean up as you go with this new modular kitchen component, which also increases your outdoor enjoyment. The washbasin has a fashionable tap and is made of 304 grade stainless steel. Your cleaning supplies will have plenty of room to store in the cabinet underneath, which also features a convenient waste bin.

About Modular Kitchens from Whistler

A brand-new Laminam countertop material has been added by Whistler to the Cirencester collection for 2021. The following are some of the uses for this fine, sturdy material:

Laminam has a high level of abrasion and scratch resistance.

High strength: Laminam is suited for demanding applications like work tops because of its exceptional mechanical properties.

Wear resistant: Even after heavy use and regular cleaning, the slab’s characteristics hold true.

Chemically resistant: Laminam offers an incredibly long-lasting stain-resistant surface by withstanding both organic and inorganic solvents.

UV resistant: It is UV ray resistant and does not contain organic pigments. Even in the face of extreme climate change, the colours don’t change.

Hygienic surface: Laminam is ideal for areas where food is prepared because it prevents the growth of mould, bacteria, and fungi.

Because every modular unit has movable levelling castors, you can install your kitchen on uneven surfaces.

The modular units are fastened together with butterfly screws and are simple to assemble.