Louvered Roofs & Awnings

All about outdoor living are very experienced in the installation of bio climactic roof structures, these are commonly referred to as LOUVERED OR RETRACTABLE ROOF PERGOLAS.

Maximise your outdoor space at a touch of a button

It’s wonderful to be out in the open air, gazing up at the blue sky. In the British climate, we have to admit that a roof over our heads is not a bad idea, regardless of the weather. All About Outdoor Living is proud to provide a range of stylish canopies, pergolas, and roof systems for all occasions.

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These systems can be adjusted at the touch of a button and can be used to modify to the conditions. You can use your outdoor area to its maximum potential no matter the weather, whether you are having a summer barbecue or entertaining guests on a cool evening. A louvered roof system adds extra room to your home.


The Sandringham Veranda

Beautifully smooth & robust

The Sandringham Veranda is strong and durable and is equipped with a reinforced gutter design for an attractive appearance. The Sandringham Veranda can be mounted with just two posts up to 6 meters long thanks to its extra reinforcement.

A free and open sight is provided by the fact that the Sandringham Veranda can be mounted with just two posts. Because of its robustness, the Sandringham Veranda can be constructed with just two posts, resulting in a span of up to 6 meters. It is available in three RAL colours: Cream White, Traffic White, and Anthracite Grey. Polycarbonate is included with the veranda as standard, and you can pick from a range of styles to suit your needs. The veranda comes in three colours: Cream White, Traffic White, and Anthracite Grey.

The Highgrove Veranda

Affordable, luxury veranda with a glass roof

The Highgrove Veranda is a luxury veranda made from aluminum. This veranda is reinforced with a steel strip in the gutter profile to enable the installation of a laminated glass roof. Because you can install a laminated glass roof on this veranda, you will get the right amount of light. It will give you the right amount of light so that you can enjoy your outdoor sights without losing light in your house. It will provide you with a sense of serenity and elegance.

The glass roof of the Highgrove Veranda always gives you the perfect lighting.

The glass roof always provides the right amount of light. The Highgrove veranda is an excellent addition to any yard. In addition to its elegant look, an aluminum veranda is also an excellent location for comfort. It is available in traffic white, cream white, and anthracite grey colours. If you desire, you may also get Polycarbonate. The veranda comes with a glass roof as standard, but you may also get Polycarbonate if you desire. In addition, you can choose from a variety of gutter and post styles that match your home best.

Kensington – The folding roof with an aluminum frame

Ultimate flexibility with a sleek design

With the Kensington roof canvas, you can maximize your home’s outdoor living pleasure while benefiting from its supreme flexibility. Who wouldn’t want that? It is made of a water-resistant and sun-resistant fabric. No matter how much sun you want to enjoy, just press a button to raise the canvas (partially) and obtain immediate light and wonderful weather.

Likewise, if you would like to seek protection from wind, rain, or UV radiation, or if you prefer to sit in the shadows, you can close the screen with ease. By adding glass sliding walls, you can convert your Kensington veranda into a full garden room. With the versatile Kensington veranda, you can make the most of your terrace. With the white water-resistant canvas and aluminum grey frame, the special geometric design of the interior structure offers maximum strength and wind resistance to the aluminum profile.

The veranda looks sleek and provides excellent sightlines thanks to the stainless steel connection elements and screws, which are hidden invisibly. In addition, the rain gutter has an anti-draft system to prevent wind from entering between the canvas, rails, and rain gutters.

Louvered Roof Systems

Balmoral – Aluminium Louvered Roof

The perfect light on your terrace

Do you want to control your own pergola’s sun and weather exposure by yourself? The Balmoral pergola allows you to tilt the roof panels using a remote control. With the remote control, you can easily adjust the roof panels. 

You can then play with the light, shade, and airflow under your roof. You can either sit in the sun or enjoy the shade in the summer. During the winter, you can benefit from the waterproof roof and weather protection! The Balmoral pergola provides you with the perfect light for your terrace all year long. During all seasons and all years, you can enjoy your terrace.

This sophisticated and sleek design provides a real boost to your home. The panels are simple to rotate into a position that produces the ideal amount of light for you. You may even allow the panels to rotate with the sun because the panels may rotate up to 120 degrees!

Buckingham; Aluminium Louvered Roof

The convertible effect in your garden

Would you like to have a terrace with an open ceiling immediately? With just a push of a button, you may open Buckingham’s roof panels and create an open-air ambiance in your garden. When open, the pergola provides optimum light.

Moreover, on days when it is closed, the Buckingham protects you from a range of weather conditions while still providing you with adequate shade. You may experience the ultimate outdoor living experience no matter what the weather is like. With Buckingham, you may create an outdoor space that protects you from all types of weather. When the synchronously moving panels are open, a lot of space is created. When they are closed, the side profile gaskets are pressed down providing optimal protection.

Prestige with retractable roof

With Prestige Outdoor Living Pod’s terrace canopy, you can have all the freedom you want to play with sunlight and shade, as well as fully retract the roof to get the most out of the sun. When the louvers are locked together, you get protection from the rain.


The Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod, which can be erected in the garden or lean-to attached to the property, rotates its 21cm wide roof louvers through 150 degrees, stopping at the desired position to provide the perfect amount of light or shade on your terrace, providing an entirely watertight covering when closed.

Glass Sliding Doors

The All About Outdoor Living sliding glass door system

Enjoy your garden all year round

Our sliding glass doors let you enjoy your veranda and outbuildings year-round. When the weather is good, you may move your sliding glass doors to allow more access to your outdoor space. If it gets too cold, you may turn your veranda into a fully enclosed area by closing the sliding doors. You may stay outdoors longer with this feature. Sliding glass doors provide advantages all year round, so you can always experience the best at home. They may be installed on verandas, garden rooms, terraces, and summer houses to maximise your outdoor living space.

Sliding glass doors offer both shelter and space. If you want to stay outside longer, glass doors will provide extra shelter against wind and rain. Your back garden will always be well-lit and visible thanks to our glass doors. Furthermore, our glass doors can be used to protect your porch, garden house, cabin, or veranda. They are also suitable for any veranda. You can enjoy a permanent, uninterrupted perspective all year long.

Providing shade in the Summer months and protection from rain and snow in the winter. The louvered roof gives you options to let in plenty of daylight and sunshine.

Providing shade in the Summer months and protection from rain and snow in the winter. The louvered roof gives you options to let in plenty of daylight and sunshine.



The Cuba awning has a contemporary rectangular flush-fitting full cassette design that appears to be an intrinsic part of the façade and hides the awning when retracted. Concealed fixing brackets and screw-less ALU end plates effectively finish off the awning, and optional LED lighting can be installed on the underside of the cassette.

Antiguan roller blinds

The Antiguan external roller blind is an excellent choice for any glass-clad building. Zip-locking technology integrated into the side rails permanently binds the fabric in place, ensuring that the blind will be windproof and will prevent any light leakage when closed.


Aluminum Panels

The perfect basis for your creativity

Our products include aluminum panels, which are lightweight, aluminum parts that enhance your outdoor life. They are stackable, simple to assemble and come with click connectors. You can utilise aluminum panels in a variety of ways because of their durability and flexibility. You may use them as fence sections for more privacy or as fencing. You may also use them as planters or attractive aluminum conversions for your rubbish bins. You may also create a garage door, among other things. Because of our aluminum panels, your creativity will be maximised.

The durable and flexible characer of the panels offers endless possibilities

The aluminum panels come in three basic RAL colors. The panels are a perfect addition to your roof if you want to close off either the side or back walls of your veranda. For example, you can either close the bottom side of your veranda or the back wall of your veranda for a great appearance. You can also use these panels to close the sides of your veranda. Although wood is flexible, these panels offer even more possibilities than wood. You can use these materials to create anything from an unique appearance to your outdoor life, as long as you maintain them.

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Sliding Doors

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Remote-Controlled Blinds

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Internal Guttering

The manufacturers we deal with are:

  • Caribbean blinds
  • Deponti
  • Renson

The prices can vary. Once we have assessed your needs and discussed your budget, we can suggest the best product for your outdoor living space whether that be an off-the-shelf or a bespoke, made-to-measure product.

When we visit your home, we will provide you with all the information you need to help you to make a decision on the best option for your outdoor space.

We can also supply and install glass sliding doors to give you an enclosed room effect, or electric screens to give you more shading options. There are lighting and heating options available on request.

We deal with several manufacturers of these roof structures, Caribbean blinds, Deponti, and Renson.

The prices of these roofs can vary dramatically, we can assess your needs and suggest the best product for you, if we can we will suggest an off-the-shelf product, but if the size and additional extras are not within the off-the-shelf option, we can recommend a bespoke product that absolutely fits the location like a glove!!

We have all the information to hand when we visit your home so you can make a decision on which option is best for your outdoor space.

We can also supply and install glass sliding doors to give you an enclosed room effect, or electric screens to give you more shading options, there are lighting and heating options available on request.

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