Modern pergolas have become the hottest trend in outdoor landscaping, and for good reason! They turn any outdoor location into a ready-made escape area.

Outdoor dining, garden parties, and sunning or relaxing in the shade or sun throughout the day and evening are all possible with a pergola.

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    Pergola Awnings

    A pergola awning is a garden awning that extends out on a frame and can cover larger areas than a folding arm awning as well as being more durable and rigid. Inside the cassette headbox, the fabric is wound around a roller tube, which is connected to the lead rail that retracts and extends with the awning. The fabric is kept at optimum tension at each point by a double spring coil located inside the lead rail, which is connected to the lead rail via high-strength belts that are concealed on each side guide that connects to the roller tube. Ziplock mechanisms on each side keep the fabric in place in order to enhance durability in windy conditions.

    Puerto Rico Awning

    A multi-fixing point full cassette casing with a width of 4.5m and an outward projection of 6m is available in 100 colours and fabric designs. Remote control and app operation are available with motorised openers. Wind and sun sensors (optional) detect wind and sun conditions as well as provide LED lighting and infrared heating. Standard and custom mounting brackets can be utilised. This screen is resistant to wind up to 31mph (Beaufort 6).

    The water runs down the fabric and out a punched slot to the left and right side of the lead rail, which conveniently lines up with a hopper on each post upright, ensuring water evacuates into and out of the base of the post uprights and does not splash on the terrace. Because the fabric is locked between the side guides and integrated guttering within the lead rail, water evacuates into and out of the base of the post uprights without any splash.

    The cleverly designed lid on the full cassette headbox unhinges to allow for future maintenance or repair requirements and protects the fabric when the pergola awning is not in use. The pergola framework frames the outdoor space with elegance, and optional support beams, which connect between the guides, add rigidity in exposed areas, and may also contain LED lighting.

    An awning can be safely installed to a load-bearing facade using concealed brackets that are behind the awning cassette, as long as the front posts are attached to almost any ground surface from patios to decking with a concealed galvanized steel foot. Bespoke brackets and even goal post frameworks can be designed and produced to allow our pergola awnings to be used in a variety of applications, even freestanding away from a building.

    Aluminium Pergola With Opening Roof

    Our outdoor living pods, often known as louvered roofs or pergolas with opening roofs, are made up of overlapping aluminium louvers that create a watertight roof. These louvers are connected to the pergola’s front and rear crossbeams via stainless steel pins that are interlocked (overlapping) with each other. Additionally, a second pin connects to an aluminium drive arm behind each louver. This drive arm is subsequently connected to a linear actuator motor, which opens large skylights and roof lights, with the motor positioned either on the interior or the top of the crossbeam (depending on the model chosen).

    Pergola – Opening Roof Model

    A radio transmitter built into the framework of the pergola is used to activate the pergola motor. A handheld remote control activates the pergola motor by sending a radio signal to a receiver. A motor drive shaft rotates the louver drive arm when it is extended at an angle, pushing the louvers in the roof. The louvers rotate on their pins when the motor is activated to provide shade or sun under the pergola using the remote control. The motor can be stopped at any position between fully extended and fully retracted, enabling the louvers to be positioned correctly to match the sun’s angle.

    In addition, rain sensors may be wired into a pergola framework circuit board to detect rainfall (such as an automatic car windscreen wiper) and send an immediate signal to the motor, which subsequently rotates the louvers fully closed, resulting in a watertight roof covering. As all of our outdoor shading systems, our pergolas may be managed using a smart hub, connected to a broadband router, using an app on any smartphone from anywhere in the world or country.

    Pergola – Opening Roof Models

    Classic Pod

    A waterproof rotating louvered roof up to 5.95m long and 4.5m wide is available in a variety of hardware colours. Controlled remotely or via an app, it includes motorised remote and app control operation, windproof side screens (optional), optional LED lighting and infra-red heating (optional), and freestanding or lean-to modules that are wind resistant up to 78mph (Beaufort 12). Installation, a 5-year guarantee, and a 5-year warranty are included.

    Deluxe Pod

    The Rotating waterproof louvered roof is available in 7m lengths and 4.5m widths, with hundreds of hardware colours and motorised remote/app control operation. The integrated windproof side screens (optional) may be added, as may LED lighting and infrared heating. Freestanding, lean-to or roof-only modules are available, and they are wind-resistant up to Beaufort 12 (78 mph). Installation, a 5-year guarantee, and a 5-year warranty are included.

    Modern Pergola With Retractable Roof

    Pergola – Retractable Roof Models

    The retractable roof pergolas have an entirely watertight roof covering that is produced when aluminium louvers lock together. A stainless steel axle is fitted at each end of the louvers, which are concealed behind cosmetic brushes on a pergola. A hi-tensile belt is fitted around the cogs in each crossbeam, and a spindle is attached to each end of a roller tube. This belt is linked to the spindle inside the side crossbeams. The roller tubes have an integrated tubular motor and can be controlled wirelessly via remote control, like our electric awnings. Our sliding roof pergolas and opening roof pergolas are operated in the same manner, with the louvers being able to rotate from close to 90 degrees or for maximum sunlight.

    Prestige Pod

    Prestige Pod

    The louvered roof is rotatable and slidable, up to 6m long and 4m wide. It is controlled remotely or via an app (up to 6m length x 4m width). It is sheltered by windproof side screens (optional). Infrared heating and lighting are optional. There are over one hundred choices of material and screen colour. Standalone, lean-to or roof-only modules are available (up to 78mph wind speed). Installation, 5-year guarantee.

    The roof louvers on a Rollertube are rotated when the ‘rotate’ function is selected. The motor inside the Rollertube’s rear cross beam rotates the louvers when the ‘rotate’ function is selected. The louvers may be rotated to any position between 90 and 180 degrees with the ‘rotate’ function and may be stopped at any position by using the remote control. The louvers are automatically rotated to 90 degrees when the ‘slide’ function is selected, and then the side cross beam rotates, pulling the belt and moving the roof open, with each louver interlocking with the next as it opens, ensuring that there is no accumulation of material as the louvers open. It is possible to stop the motor using the remote control to prevent the roof from being opened to any extent.

    The louver motors are cleverly integrated into the roof to ensure that the louver does not rotate if a command is sent from the remote control when the roof is open, without the roof first closing and each louver being correctly spaced/aligned. Additionally, before the roof is opened, sensors ensure that each louver is vertically positioned so that they open smoothly.

    Which type of Perloga Material Is Best?

    Wooden Pergolas

    Wooden Pergola Kits are an excellent addition to any back garden. They provide shade and shelter from the sun while offering a private oasis to relax or dine alfresco. Our pergolas are built with high-quality, long-lasting lumber. You can find the right pergola for your back garden with a variety of sizes, designs, and options. Whether you want to curl up with a book or socialise with friends, a garden pergola is a wonderful choice. It may be decorated with lights or plants to create a lovely ambiance.

    What is a Wooden Pergola?

    Wooden Pergolas are outdoor structures that are constructed of wood and have open-lattice roofs. Wooden Pergolas are used to create garden features or shaded walkways in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. A pergola is a lattice-roofed open-air structure that supports vines or other plants and shields an outdoor space such as a light and breezy garden dining room or a BBQ station. A lean-to-pergola is a freestanding or attached structure that is made of timber and is usually built using wooden slats for rafters instead of a fully solid shelter like our garden gazebos. A pergola can be an excellent addition to any outdoor area because it provides shade and partial sun protection in addition to being a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

    Why Choose a Wooden Pergola?

    An attractive wooden pergola can enhance the appearance of a garden by providing shaded areas that match the appearance of other wooden garden additions such as lattice and trellis fixtures and even a freestanding arbor. With everything from hanging plants to create a ‘forest garden’ effect to string lights to create an illuminated seating area for warm summer nights, wood pergolas are also fun and versatile to customise and personalise. You may also match your home’s exterior or personalise your pergola to your taste. For many homeowners, wooden pergolas are a popular choice because wood is a natural material that will blend in with any outdoor environment and can be painted or stained to match your existing outdoor furniture and decor. Wooden pergolas are very strong and durable, able to withstand heavy winds and snowfall. If properly cared for, a wooden pergola can endure for years.

    Where to place your wooden pergola?

    Choosing a wooden pergola was a wise choice. Here are some things to consider when deciding where to place it in your garden:

    Which part of your garden gets the most sun?

    Whether you are organising summer barbeques or garden parties, you must ensure that you have the right conditions for a comfortable social ambiance. If you already have a patio or decking, you may install a wooden pergola there. Other popular sites include the backdoor, which allows you to extend your time outdoors and expand your indoor environment, and the place that gets the most sun in the day or at night.

    Sunrise & Sunset

    When planning your pergola, consider which areas of your garden receive sun at different times of the day in order to create a relaxing spot to enjoy the sun. An east-facing garden will provide morning sun, while a west-facing garden will provide evening sun, making it perfect for outdoor dining.

    Where offers the best view and accessibility?

    Wooden pergolas that are meant to be garden eye candy rather than places for gatherings should be assessed in case you have any walkways that need sprucing up or shelter. Introducing climbing plants and hanging baskets to a garden location that should be highlighted can look very unique. Remember to take advantage of just how pretty your pergola looks from your windows as well!

    Which area provides a more serene and private setting?

    A pergola located at the far end of the garden is one option for creating a peaceful outdoor seating area where you can relax and enjoy some solitude. Pergolas are also excellent for sitting on comfortable outdoor furniture or hammocks, creating a relaxing, peaceful outdoor area where you can read a good book.

    Frequently Asked Wood Pergola Questions

    How to care for your wooden pergola?

    To keep your wooden pergola looking fresh and in good condition, you should seal and stain the wood each year. Before coating the pergola in paint, you should clean the garden debris or surface materials to prevent decay. Also, keep climbing plants and vines trimmed to avoid any unwanted pressure on your structure. 

    Do Pergolas provide shelter from the sun and rain?

    The slatted roof of a pergola does not provide full protection from sun or rain, yet you may dress it with plants and vines to provide some extra garden shelter (as well as a terrific visual appeal). By incorporating some greenery into these outdoor structures, you can not only make them more visually appealing but also help them become cosier and more private.

    How long does a Wooden Pergola Last?

    Pergolas can last for 10-12 years if properly maintained. In order to maintain their longevity, pergolas should be cared for annually to protect them from the weather. A pergola made of wood will survive for 10-12 years if properly cared for. Every year, a sealant and wood stain should be applied to your pergola to prevent rot and keep your pergola looking new for years to come. It is important to maintain your pergola properly to prevent rot and maintain its integrity. If your pergola is not properly maintained, rot may develop on outdoor wooden furniture.
    You can enhance the longevity and appearance of your pergola’s wooden posts by shielding them with a canopy. Vines and greenery, for example, may be used as natural shading on the roof of a pergola. A variety of materials, including canvas and fabric, are available to provide additional sun and heat protection. In addition to shielding the wooden beams from premature deterioration, the additional shade created by these features may also protect them from fading.

    Can I decorate my Pergola?

    Pergolas are frequently furnished with simple, clean lines, making them simple to decorate or downplay. If you want to enliven your pergola, you may add fairy lights or lanterns to the rafters to create a romantic evening ambiance where you can star gaze. You may also create a more natural look by draping climbing plants over the beams and letting them grow wild.

    How can I make my Pergola more private?

    Creating an intimate setting is simple. You may set up hanging curtains around the perimeter of your pergola to add privacy and allow light in, or you may install lattice panels. If you want a more permanent solution, you may put lattice around the perimeter of your pergola. This will give you a stronger barrier and give you the ability to grow climbing plants for a bit of greenery and concealment.

    Which are the best roofing materials for a Pergola?

    There are several variables to ponder when selecting roofing materials for your pergola. A solid roof offers excellent sun and rain protection. A thatched roof or lattice panels are ideal if you want some light and air with some coverage. You should also make sure that your roofing materials can withstand high winds if you live in an area with them. It is not advisable to use thatched roofs in areas with high winds, because the straw can be blown away. Metal and tile roofs are a good choice if you want a permanent solution.

    Aluminium Pergolas

    These weatherproof and sturdy metal structures are also available in many appealing colours. Please begin daydreaming about your future garden escape spot—we have everything else taken care of.

    Why choose an aluminium pergola?

    Aluminium is an excellent choice for garden furniture due to its excellent strength and lightweight. The range of styles available – from sleek modern pergolas to traditional structures is another advantage of aluminium. Once treated with a rustproof coating, these pergolas are weatherproof no matter the weather.

    Placing your aluminium pergola

    There are a few things to consider when you are choosing where to position your pergola. If you’ve chosen the pergola that fits your outdoor space, then this is the next step. It’s important to think about a few things when you’re starting this exciting planning stage: Is your pergola a more decorative feature or a sheltered social area? Which spots in your garden receive the most sun and when? Is your aluminium pergola capable of being placed outside your backdoor? If you’re already thinking about barbecues with the family or outdoor drinks with friends, it’s a safe bet that your pergola will become a relaxed social zone. Don’t forget that it can also be a tranquil zen area where you can enjoy your garden. You might want a secluded retreat or a stunning suntrap for your future activities. The amount of time you can spend outside will be extended if you have an aluminium pergola, as it will provide shade. The type of roof will determine whether your pergola provides relief from light rain or heat.

    You can use your pergola to connect your outdoor living area to your home or to create a sheltered transition zone. This setup creates a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors and ensures you get the most out of your new outdoor feature. If your pergola is positioned close to your home, you may simply walk outside and use it. You can also use aluminium pergolas to create decorative walkways or plant frames. Do you have a garden path that needs some enthusiasm? It might be perfect with a sheltered walkway.

    How to care for your aluminium pergola

    Aluminium pergolas don’t need much maintenance, making them a favourite option for those who prefer hanging out in the garden to working in it. Every few years, you may want to top up the anti-rust coating to keep your pergola looking great. It is important to eliminate any leaves or other objects that may get stuck in the metal framework to keep it functioning properly.

    Metal Pergolas

    While metal pergolas make an attractive, interesting addition to outdoor landscapes, pergolas made from metal materials are an understated elegance or something that makes a real statement, many consumers prefer aluminium or steel over wooden pergolas and outdoor furnishings for their versatility, durability, and great value. There are metal pergolas to suit every taste, ranging from sleek to traditional style icons.

    Why choose a metal pergola?

    Metal pergolas are cost-effective and high-quality, without sacrificing anything. They can be used in either a rural or urban setting, blending in with the surroundings or standing out. Working with metal can also allow for more intricate designs or larger focal points without the increased expense of wood.

    Placing your metal pergola

    Choosing the right kind of pergola for your needs is the first step in choosing where to put it. Here are some things to think about when choosing where to put it. Is it likely to be used as a social area or a decorative path? Where are the sunniest spots in your garden and what time of day do they receive sun? Do you want to use your metal pergola as a transition between the interior and exterior? If you want a cool, shady refuge or the sun’s rays, consider when you’d most likely use your pergola and whether you want a shady or sunny place. Remember that your choice of pergola roof will also help you here. Do you prefer to grill in the afternoon or dine and drink in the evening? You might like to do both! Select the spots in your garden that work best for your plans and move forward from there.

    Placing your pergola near a door or a conservatory will extend your indoor space outdoors, creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This will allow you and your guests to move from inside your home to your garden smoothly. If you want a path with climbing plants more than a place to sit, consider what areas of your paths you will be able to see from your windows or where you are most likely to appreciate your metal pergola.

    How to care for your metal pergola

    If you want to spend more time enjoying your garden rather than maintaining it, steel, iron, and aluminium pergolas are the best option. There are still methods to ensure that your new outdoor feature looks its best, of course. Most metal pergolas have an anti-rust coating, and this can be applied every few years to protect them from the weather. You can also maintain your pergola by removing any leaves or other debris that gets trapped in it.

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