The best outdoor pizza ovens – tried & tested

A pizza oven is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Reaching extremely high temperatures in a short amount of…

A pizza oven is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. Reaching extremely high temperatures in a short amount of time, a pizza oven can give you a flame-cooked flavor, perfectly cooked toppings, and crisp stone-baked bases every time. 

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Types of outdoor pizza ovens


There are many different options available when shopping for a pizza oven. One of the most popular, entry-level choices is the Ooni range. 

From wood-fired flavor to gas-powered consistency – whether 12″ or 16″ pizzas  – the Ooni range of outdoor portable pizza ovens offer you the oven you want for the back garden or beyond.


The next step up is to go for a larger tabletop Pizza oven, a good example of this is the Alfa range, made in Italy the home of the Pizza. Their range of ovens is both wood and gas or hybrid fuel. 

Alfa produces the most beautiful and easy ready-to-use pizza oven for indoor or outdoor kitchens on the market. Entirely made in Italy in their plant close to Rome, all models are suitable for baking, grilling, roasting, and stewing.  

Alfa one pizza oven

This compact pizza oven can be placed on most worktop surfaces. It is capable of cooking a large pizza in 90 seconds! So whilst you are preparing the next one it will be done and ready to eat! 

MINUTI 5 pizza oven

This wood-burning oven gives the unique taste that most pizza lovers crave. It can cook up to two pizzas at a time and can also be used for roasting and baking.

Brio oven

This hybrid oven can use wood or gas. It will cook two large pizzas or three smaller pizzas at the same time.

Forno 4 Pizza

This wood-fired pizza oven can cook up to four pizzas at a time. It is one of the largest domestic wood-fired ovens within this range. It can be used to roast large joints of meat too.

Gozney Dome

This stylish wood-fired pizza oven is a professional-grade oven that is engineered to be easy for beginners. Roast, smoke, steam, or bake. Super fast or low and slow. A wood-fired adventure, every time. There is Gozney Dome available with a duel-fuel option. 

All About Outdoor Living will be able to advise you on the best pizza oven to suit your outdoor kitchen. 

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