What is the best outdoor BBQ?

We get asked all the time: What is the best outdoor BBQ? There are two main considerations: Budget We have…

We get asked all the time:

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What is the best outdoor BBQ?

There are two main considerations:


We have to say, it totally depends on your budget, as you get what you pay for. You can spend £1,000.00 or you can spend £14,000.00 for a built-in gas BBQ grill head unit.

So the budget is important!

What do you intend to cook on the BBQ?

The next thing to consider is what you intend to cook on your BBQ. Most people use their BBQs to grill the usual burgers and sausages, but these BBQs can do so much more and often have multiple ways in which an outdoor kitchen can assist you in creating exceptional food.

Most of today’s gas grills will have rotisseries and 3, 4, or 5 burner options – a good ignition system is essential. We think a grill of around £2-3,000.00 is going to buy you a good product. Remember to ask about the additional extras to give you further cooking options, like searing burners and flat griddle plates.

Types of outdoor BBQs

Whistler BBQ

The Whistler range offers all of these options for just over £2,000. In particular, the Burford 3, 4, and 5 burner models. We use Whistler grills on 80% of our installations because of their great quality and fantastic value for money.

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon grills also have a fantastic range. Their products are slightly more expensive at around £3,000, but again, a great grill and good value. Napoleon grill provide a natural gas option too.

Charcoal Burners

We are often asked about charcoal burners like the Weber. Unfortunately, we cannot integrate these types of BBQs into your outdoor kitchen for safety reasons. However, there are brilliant alternatives such as The Big Green Egg, or the Kamado Joe. Read more about these outdoor ovens in my How to choose the right outdoor kitchen guide.

Both are charcoal fired, have a ceramic insulated jacket, and are egg-shaped. These BBQs are a great charcoal option and are good value for money. Because of their versatility, often our clients have two of these grills which allows them lots of cooking options. Fire Magic and Bull grills can be intergrated into your outdoor kitchen and look like a gas grill. From approximately £2000, both are similar in quality. These are great options if you want to achieve that charcoal cooking taste.

Electric BBQ

There are several electric BBQ options available, but these are generally tabletop appliances and not integrated options due to wet weather. Unless you have an effective waterproof cover, we wouldn’t recommend an electric option.

Argentinian grill

The Argentinian grill looks impressive in any outdoor kitchen setup. It generally has a grill that is adjustable up and down with a wheel over a wood fire or charcoal. The v-shaped bars on the grill allow the fat and juices to run away from the heat (which helps to stop the ignition of flames when cooking fatty meats). This option would need to be built carefully onto a non-combustible frame as it gets extremely hot.


A similar option called the Braai is very common in South Africa. They are fired by wood in a separate basket and the food is cooked over the embers that have dropped through the basket and spread thinly under the adjustable grill.

With lots of options available, our team at All About Outdoor Living is happy to help you make your decision. sales@allaboutoutdoorliving.com

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